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The characteristics of good customer service

How efficient customer service experiences can contribute to the bottom line


Customers are unlikely to let companies know if they are unhappy with the service or products they have purchased. Some people simply move on to other services. Some people will share their bad experiences with family members, colleagues, friends and others. Social media has made it easy for others to share their negative experiences online, which can quickly spread the news to potential clients and customers. Good customer service is essential to any organization. Companies should aim to provide the best customer experience to every customer they deal with.

Characteristics that make good customer service

Promptness. Products should be delivered within the promised time. It is important to avoid delays or cancellations.

Politeness: Politeness has almost become a lost art. Good customer service starts with greetings and thanking them. Be polite to customers, regardless of whether they make a purchase.

Professionalism is the ability to treat customers professionally. Professionalism is a way to show customers that you care about them.

Personalization: Customers love to hear their name. Customers enjoy the idea of having someone they can trust to do business with.

The Bottom Line: How efficient customer service experiences contribute to the bottom line. While your customer might not always be right, he will pay your bills. If you feel the urge to argue over principle with a customer, you need to remember that you may not only lose revenue but also risk becoming a spokesperson for your company.

Businesses grow. Customer service is key to your company’s success. Your customers will be more satisfied if they receive excellent service and are more likely to return. Little things like friendly greetings, discount coupons and thank-you notes can go a long way toward building long-lasting-and profitable-relationships.

Marketing: Spend less. Good customer service directly impacts word-of mouth marketing. Steve Cox, spokesperson of the Better Business Bureau, says “this is the holy-grail of brand building.”

Better Work Environment. You are the first to provide customer service. Training your employees to deliver excellent customer service starts with you. Keep track by conducting customer surveys. You should also check in on your employees periodically. It is easy to see how employees answer the phone. Customers will be happier if they are treated with kindness, respect and courtesy.

Happy customers spend more. How happy customers are with you will affect how much money they will spend. Customers will feel valued and happy when they are supported by a team that is highly skilled. This will have a direct impact on sales.

Reputation is key to a company’s success. A strong reputation could make all the difference in a business becoming a success. Bad news is faster and more widely spread than good news, and it’s often remembered far more than positive news. A bad experience with customer service is more common than a positive one. Your company’s reputation will be enhanced if you take the time and address customer concerns.

Why Customer Service Is Key A Company’s Success


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